kafka at the cafe

IMG_2958 My roommates seemed to live here while I was in Taiwan. “I’m going to Kafka to study” I often heard as they would jet out the door, books in hand, while I stayed home in front of the TV — in a daze watching Chinese programing and reading Chinese subtitles, feeling rather fatigued and worn out after a long day at school.

Don’t judge. ICLP is academically killer.

And it so hot in Taiwan in the summer. The heat sucks away energy. Going outside is hard.

But, finally, when school ended and I had two days off to myself to pack and try and see the things that I’d thought I’d never be able to see again, I went to Kafka.

A very inconspicuous place, on the second floor in a kinda’ alleyway near Gongguan [公關].

And it was magically. There were…

…books for your reading pleasure, kinda’ like a library…

IMG_2966…which I would have appreciated more if I had any ability to read a novel in Chinese…IMG_2969

…music…which I should have taken a better close up of..

IMG_2964 …coffee… (be still my beating heart!)
IMG_2972    sandwiches … mine is honey mustard chicken, with potato chips! Talk about food for the home sick. IMG_2977     Vegetarian options for my lovely roommate — cheese and tomatoes– so beautiful. How can a sandwich look so beautiful!?IMG_2983  …and a very American style menu:IMG_2960“The Elvis” … guys? It’s got peanut butter on it – hah!

I would like to visit this cafe again.

Oh and I will.

Didn’t I tell you?

I’m going back to Taiwan this summer — the how’s and why’s of it all coming soon to a blog post near you 😉


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