Return of Intern Diaries: 長榮鳳凰礁溪酒店

First hour on the job and before my brain can adjust to the Chinese language again, I am climbing on hands and knees through a crawl space in a bat and spider infested cave, bat dung glistening green like small gem stones hidden within the blackest browns of mud. It reminded me of this rock from the Studio Ghibli movie, Whisper of the Heart, the brilliant green below peaking it’s way out,struggling to reveal it’s true self. Continue reading Return of Intern Diaries: 長榮鳳凰礁溪酒店

The Intern Diaires: Dinner Plans with Japan

I live with the Yilan County’s Children’s Folklore and Folkgame Festival’s International performers in a dorm in Sanxing. ( the internet connection here is absolutely terrible, which has made blogging regularly quite difficult). Since I’ve been in Sanxing I have lived with: Armenia, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Bolivia, India, Philippines, Russia, Hungary, Guam, Korea, Hong Kong, Turkey, Serbia, and I’ve only met one other American who has been living in Taiwan for the last 20 years (his Chinese was off the hook!), and presently I am the only American living in the dorms.

It’s a bit like being at home surrounded in diversity, and let me tell you…it’s been pretty amazing. Continue reading The Intern Diaires: Dinner Plans with Japan

The Intern Diaries: 端午節快樂 & kindness wrapped in bamboo leaves

I have been wanting to eat zong zi or [粽子] every since I heard that Taiwan is in the midst of celebrating 端午節 or [The Dragon Boat Festival].

I absolutely love zong zi.

But I’ve recently been a little too nervous to walk up to one of the many street vendors selling the zong zi. I’m not entirely sure why.

So, after talking online with one of my Taiwanese friends and hearing some encouraging words from here, I was determined to brave the unknown and come home with some hot zong zi to stuff my face with.

When — all of a sudden I got a phone call. Continue reading The Intern Diaries: 端午節快樂 & kindness wrapped in bamboo leaves