kafka at the cafe

But, finally, when school ended and I had two days off to myself to pack and try and see the things that I’d thought I’d never be able to see again, I went to Kafka.

A very inconspicuous place, on the second floor in a kinda’ alleyway near Gongguan [公關]. Continue reading kafka at the cafe

I dream of coffee 『Louisa Coffee 就是我的咖啡夢想』

I am a coffee addict…

In the movies, where there’s that scene when the protagonist — guy, girl — doesn’t really matter, pours themselves a cup of hot coffee and curls up in a window seat, pajama clad and notebook in hand. That’s the feeling that coffee gives me — security, comfort, romance, nostalgia… Continue reading I dream of coffee 『Louisa Coffee 就是我的咖啡夢想』