I dream of coffee 『Louisa Coffee 就是我的咖啡夢想』

I am a coffee addict…

In the movies, where there’s that scene when the protagonist — guy, girl — doesn’t really matter, pours themselves a cup of hot coffee and curls up in a window seat, pajama clad and notebook in hand. That’s the feeling that coffee gives me — security, comfort, romance, nostalgia…


And although occasionally I will hit up the Starbucks for a Ginger Bread latte, I’ve never been a huge fan …

On the regular, I like my coffee pretty basic: black with cream, no sugar. Starbucks Coffee just isn’t my fav for that. But there is a local cafe in my hometown called Au Couqlet which is one my absolute favorite places to study, hold meetings, eat, and hang with my friends and family.

I love when coffee grains float a little in the creamy milk chocolate colored liquid, and you can see little puddles of light brown oil floating to the top. The right kinda coffee.

Taiwan doesn’t have any half and half — so my usual black creamy milky love cup was put on hold…, instead I mostly basked in the sugar latte concoction that Starbucks is famous for.

But [ 星巴克 ] or xing ba ke, Starbucks, in Taiwan is REALLY expensive. Just like in the U.S…so I hardly ever went there.

Luckily, I discovered:


Brown Sugar Latte [黑糖拿鐵] for 60 kuai. That’s like $2 American dollars!

Coffee, Tea, Smoothies, Juice: this place has it all.

Even Sandwiches that taste like home…

IMG_2627I’d ride Ubike to this joint after classes and pick up a lunch. I never spent more than 100 kuai here. Maybe even less than that if I can recall correctly.

My staple: Chicken Sandwich on the Softest Focaccia Bread you’ve ever eaten, and my favorite: Brown Sugar Latte. Or White Mocha. I like to switch it up. Sometimes.

Need that caffeine to correct those dictation test, am I right?



I miss

IMG_2495Taiwan ❤

[seriously though why is this 咖啡店’s bread so soft?!!?!?]

5 thoughts on “I dream of coffee 『Louisa Coffee 就是我的咖啡夢想』

  1. I find coffee at home and eating at home not only puts us in touch with the animals we butcher. It also saves us money, a very important commodity these days for those of us who make less money than Vladimir Putin–Oh wait, I mean Vladimir down the street, I wouldn’t talk bad about the leader of Russia. Not because those who do end up six foot under, mind you. He is a good leader. Oh, did I mention I lie occasionally. Though seriously, there is nothing so fine as Pete’s, (Not PEET’s) coffee, dispensed a cup at a time once a day at 5-6 a.m. From Nichiyoubi to Douyoubi Oh so Good:日曜日から土曜日までとてもいいですね。你也喜歡喝咖啡同樣的方法。 我姓吳,我的英文名字Peter Van。名字中文是吳佩恬。

    1. I love your wit! You should definitely add writing a “Hilarious Satirical” book on your Book Bucket list! You make my smile shine Sailor Skye~ Oh, and I love Pete’s Coffee too 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you. I found this place just this week and I love it… So sad I didn’t try before!!! Haha

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