lunch in luodong: 藝境空間 X 虎咖啡 “how a cafe taught me to love a broken thing”

I’m sure I have the capacity to fall in love…


…with a voice…


…with a place…


…with a smell…


When I first stumpled upon 藝境空間 X  虎咖啡, I thought it was an art studio of some sort…

And since I am a huge clutz in Taiwan (almost got hit by a scooter, always stumple riding my bike, and tripped on a rock the other day), I was a tad afraid to approach such a beautiful building…

Like what if I broke this?

IMG_6137…or this…


…or this…


Stumbling in Taiwan seems to be my calling: I stumble over my words and my own feet as a traverse this town.


But then…as I cautiously and cusiously approached this cafe — I saw this sign. I had been craving an American Style Waffle with big o’ globs of syrup and butter. And because I saw the words 鬆餅 — song bing — the Chinese for waffle…


… I followed this path like the words of a song…..


…and stepped inside one of the most beautiful coffee shops I have ever seen.


As I made my way in — ni hao-ing, oo-ing and aw-ing — I was handed a scroll:


…which doubled as the menu.


…there were even bigger scrolls hanging from the wall…


I set in spendour after ordering.. (a 焦糖拿鐵 [carmel latte] and 冰淇淋鬆餅 [ice cream waffle])


And was handed my bill: rolled up in this…


I love how certain places can just wisk you away…


I didn’t break anything physical that day; however, when the owner of the shop approached me, with questions about where I was from and what I was doing in Taiwan, I felt my voice breaking, the structure of the sentences I built collaspsing as I realized I had no more material — no more words — to finishing erecting an idea…

Oh how I despise the phrases Broken Chinese and Broken English…

Yet, it didn’t seem to matter to the owner how I stumbled or how my language “brokedown.” (take that OPI!) She invited me to stay for the concert performance, offered me free wifi via her phone, and when in my nervousness I spaced out and forgot if I had taken my change or not, she asked the barista who had given me my change to check if the till was balanced.

If this place wasn’t already grand enough!

A local artist, who I had assumed was just another patron enjoying a cup of coffee, began setting up show and singing from her heart…


I unfortunately maxed out my phone’s memory capacity, so couldn’t record the singer myself. But you can check out some of the songs I heard her perform live below.

To think: she can create in both English and Chinese.

 Her voice is stunning, isn’t it?

I, unfortuantely, have no talent for singing.

But I love writing.

And I hope one day I can write as beautifully in Chinese as I try to in English…IMG_6167

…but for now I will love a broken thing…

2 thoughts on “lunch in luodong: 藝境空間 X 虎咖啡 “how a cafe taught me to love a broken thing”

  1. Hey skye nice pics. Looks really beautiful over there. Love the little cafe it looks like you were in. The decor really nice. The food looks really delicious. I think this blog is something every person who plans on traveling over there should really use as their guide. Keep up the great work. Your blog is coming together very nice.

  2. This is really beautiful, perhaps my favorite blog post yet. Maybe it’s the waffle, ice cream, music, or scrolls of mystical kanji, but I thoroughly enjoyed it all. Btw, were you using the selfie stick for pick número uno?☕️🍦

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