you get a cookie, and you get a cookie: EVERYBODY GETS A COOKIE!

Actually, I eat them all by myself.


And aww, this is a bad week for photos.

Just about ten days left in Taipei and I am still trying to to take as many photos and visit as many places as possible all while attempting to juggle my three classes and prepare for my final five minute presentation.

And what do you do when stress is high and you’re craving comfort treats reminiscent of home?


Get lucky and discover We Love Cookies.

Although it may appear as just a plain ole’ hole in the wall, it is far from! Located in the back alleys on Roosevelt Road (羅斯福路三段283巷17號), near the Taipei Power Building MRT Station, this is a gem of a bakery!


I have yet to try the cupcakes, but the cookies, that I have tried, are excellent.

I bought five cookies for 120 kuai, just about 4 American dollars. Essentially buy four get one free.

After buying my first five, I realized they had put out fresh baked varieties of one of my favorites, and thus bought two more.

For reasons.

The lovely shopkeeper gave me an extra cookie for free.


One of my favs, pictured above, is the brownie cookie. They come in two varieties: snowflaked with sugar, and sans I prefer the powdered sugar topped ones–it complements the chocolatey bitterness of the cookie perfectly.


This photo is also a little crap, but as you can see, they sell a variety of yum yums. Including:

Matcha (the obviously green ones)

Cranberry Oatmeal (not sure if it is pictured?)

Raisin Oatmeal

Peanut Butter

And lastly, probably one of their top sellers due to my personal taste preference: The Mango Molasses. (picture on the far right)

Yes. It deserves to be given an article and written as a proper noun.

Did you catch the pun?

I’m quite proud of it.


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